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Omamanya Geotechnical Consultants

Was established as a unique Namibian Consultancy providing reliable and professional service to the ever expanding economy. Due to the extremely high cost of development, and an ever growing demand for Professional Geotechnical Services there is  a demand to address the complex geological and problematic ground conditions which are more and more in the order of the day. Our extensive background and specialist backup enables us to provide cost effective solutions to problematic geotechnical conditions. The consultancy has a dedicated Engineering Geologist and a Geotechnical Engineer available to assist Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Developers, Government Departments, Local Authorities, Architects, Environmental Consultants, Quarries and the General Public.

Omamanya Laboratory Services

Has achieved our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation through SADCAS. This makes us the first and only accredited civil engineering testing laboratory in Namibia as well as the whole SADC region (excluding South Africa). Our accreditation status/schedule will be soon published on the SADCAS website:

SANAS Accreditation

Why Accreditation matters:Accreditation is a tool for providing for the acceptance and recognition of conformity assessment result. Accreditation is now incresingly accepted worldwide as the most transparent and non-discriminatory mechanism to ensure competency of conformity and not compromise on accurate and reliable results.

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Omamanya History

Omamanya Geotechnical Consultants and Laboratory Services was established in June 2015. The company consists of a Civil Engineering Laboratory providing Professional Geotechnical Engineering Service and operates in Namibia and in Africa.

Omamanya is being built on the solid reputation of Dennis McDonald – a Namibian with more than 40 years’ experience that has developed and owned SANAS Accredited Laboratories and Geotechnical Consultancies in South Africa.

Our wide range of services are delivered by a highly experienced team comprising of Professional Geotechnical Engineers, Civil Engineering Technicians, Engineering Geologists and numerous experienced Field Technicians / Testers.